green honeycomb pattern geometric art print

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luscious sections of blue and green honeycomb hex pattern are layered on warm wood. The result is a modern take on hexagons. one of six prints in our organic geometry series. special price for entire set. printed in portland, oregon.


green honeycomb pattern geometric art print:


  • dimensions: 6″H x 6″W x .75″D
  • limited edition of 100, numbered and signed on the back
  • mounted on .75” thick, birch panels
  • UV lustre coat protects from sun and intensifies print color
  • panels are lightweight and easy to hang


A mouthwateringly good geometric honeycomb hex design print to sweeten up your space. saturated colorfilled honeycomb cells float over warm woodgrain. part of the organic geometry series inspired by geodes, crystals, honeycombs and plant cells. printed on partially recycled paper and mounted to wood panels. printed in a limited edition of 100, signed and numbered on the back.

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